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Sunday, October 13, 2024 at 8:30 a.m.

Horse Logging Ring (16) Chair: Bruce Locke 603-435-7268

See Animal Health Rules and Regulations

These events are intended to give working horse drivers and teams an 

opportunity to demonstrate their skill. We invite anyone who is working with horses to join us for a day of friendly competition and to help educate the public about the usefulness of working horses today.

Total number of entrants may be limited.

Draft Horse - Mule

Premiums & Rules

Premiums for each class

1st  $100  2nd $90  3rd $80

4th $70    5th $60   6th $50

7th $40

Single Horse Twitch Rules:

1. Hitch horse to a log and negotiate the course.

2. Event may involve hitching and unhitching second log

 in middle of course.

Team Log Yarding Scoot Class - 

Sunday to follow Twitching Class

1. Teamster uses horses to load scoot and negotiate 

course. Ring crew will set chain.

2. Parade time may interrupt this event. Teamster uses 

horses to load scoot and negotiate course. 

Ring crew will set chain.

Team Wagon Class - Sunday to follow Scoot Class

1. Team hitches to the wagon and proceeds through

 the course. Everyone will use same wagon and evener.

2. Backing wagon with team will be included.

General Rules

1. Current Negative Coggins Certificate & Rabies 

Vaccine Certificate required at registration

2. Scoring is the same for all three events.

3. Horses must be under driver's control at all times.

4. Uprights on course represent trees- teamster

 and reins must stay between them.


1. Everyone starts with 100 points.

2. Five points deducted for each obstacle hit. 

entrants also judged for horsemanship. The 

judge may award up to ten points for overall

 performance. Ten points will be deducted if 

entrants need help hitching or loading logs onto scoot.

3. Entrants also judged on horsemanship. 

The judge may award up to ten points for 

overall performance.

4. Ten points will be deducted if entrants 

need help hitching or loading onto the scoot.

5. Time will only be used to break ties.

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