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Show Time is 9:00 AM,

Monday, October 14, 2024

Purebred or grades may shown. Entries are to be fitted and shown by 4-H member. In the case of not enough entries in a single breed, animals will be placed in the All Other Breeds division and will be judged according to individual breed characteristics. Rules and regulations of the 4-H Livestock department will be followed. Sheep must have been owned or leased by 4-H exhibitor prior to June 1.

*** 4-H Sheep are encouraged to be at the fair for the entire weekend, however, due to space limitations in the barn, this is not a requirement. If you would like to have your sheep at the fair through the weekend, please contact the Carroll County 4-H Office 603-447-3834. ***

Registration deadline

All 4-H Livestock must be entered online by September 15.

Sign up link coming soon!

4-H Sheep Show

Premiums: Div. 40-43 Fitting & Showing: Grade A, $20.00; Grade B, $15.00; Grade C, $10.00.

Premiums: Div. 44-47: Grade A: $15.00; Grade B: $11.00; Grade C: $9.00

Show order and divisions are:

Fitting and Showmanship

Div. 40 Senior Fitting & Showing

Div. 41 Intermediate Fitting & Showing

Div. 42 Junior Fitting & Showing

Div. 43 Novice Fitting & Showing

Breed Classes

Div. 44 Ram Lamb born after January 1, 2023.

Champion Ram (Ribbon only)

Div. 45 Yearling Ewe born after January 1, 2023.

Div. 46 Ewe Lamb born after January 1 2023.

Champion Ewe (Ribbon only)

Div. 47A Pair of Lambs - one ram and one ewe bred and owned by exhibitor (shown in individual classes previously)

Div. 47B Flock - one ram and 1 ewe lamb and 1 yearling ewe owned by the exhibitor. (These animals must have been shown in individual classes previously)

Div. 50 Market Lamb (Ribbon only) – Limit one animal

Div. 51 Best Fleece (Ribbon only) – Limit one animal


Divisions 44-47 will be shown by breeds. Show order will be determined by superintendent based on entries.

Divisions & Premiums

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