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Poultry Building

Chair: David Rodgers


See Animal Health Rules and Regulations

1. This show is open to the breeders of rabbits and fancy and rare birds.

2. We welcome all breeds of large and bantam fowl.

3. All rabbits and poultry will be judged in accordance with 'The American Standards of Perfection." Due to restricted space exhibitors will be limited to a maximum of 25 rabbits and 40 birds.

4. All rabbits and poultry must be brought in between 4:00 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. Friday and stay until Monday at 5:30 p.m. Vehicles will not be allowed on the grounds until 6:00 p.m. Monday.

5. Ribbon awards will be made as well as cash premiums.

6. Entry forms due by September 15th.


Class 1: Standard Recognized Breed

Class 2: Bantams


Division 1–4:

1st—$3.50  2nd—$2.00

Division 5–6:

1st—$6.50     2nd—$4.00

Div. 1: Cock

Div.  2: Hen

Div.  3: Cockerel

Div.  4: Pullet

Div. 5: Old Pen Trio

Div.   6: Young Pen Trio


1st—$5.00  2nd—$3.00

(Meat Crosses & Egg Crosses)

Class 3: Meat Crosses

Division 1: 2 Cockerels  Division 2: 2 Pullets

Class 4: Egg Crosses

Division 1: 2 Hens  Division 2: 2 Pullets

Class 5: Ducks (pairs only)

Premiums    1st—$4.50   2nd—$2.50

Division 1: Heavy  Division 

Division 2: Medium

Division 3: Light

Division 4: Bantam

Class 6: Geese (pairs only)

Premiums    1st—$6.50  2nd—$4.50

Division 1: Heavy  Division   

Division 2: Medium

3: Light

Class 7: Turkeys

Premiums    1st  2nd

Division   1: Pairs  $7.00  $5.00

Division   2. Single  $3.50  $2.50


Class   8 : Rabbits (pure breed rabbits)

Premiums 1st—$4.00  2nd—$3.00  3rd—$2.00

A.   Large Breeds (6-class)

Division   1: Sr. Buck (over 8 months)  

Division   2: Sr.   Doe 

Division   3: Int. Buck (6-8 months) 

4: Int. Doe

5: Jr. Buck (under 6 mos.)

6: Jr. Doe

B. Small Breeds (4-class)

Division 1: Sr. Buck (over 6 months) 

Division 2: Sr. Doe  

Division 3: Jr. Buck (under 6 months)

Division 4: Jr. Doe

Premiums    1st—$6.00  2nd—$4.00  3rd—$2.00

C. Doe & Litter (min. 3 babies 4 wks. old)

D. Meat Pens (3 rabbits under 5 lbs.)


Class 9: Cross-Breed Rabbits

Premiums    1st—$4.00  2nd—$3.00  3rd—$2.00

Division 1 - Buck Rabbit

Division 2 - Doe Rabbit

Premiums    1st—$6.00 2nd—$4.00  3rd—$2.00

Division 3: Doe & Litter (min. 3 babies 4 wks. old)

Division 4: Meat Pens (3 rabbits under 5 lbs.)


Class 10: General Exhibit

1. Exhibited by one breeder.

2. Minimum of ten entries in 10 different divisions and 3 different classes.

3. Up to 25 entries will be considered for this class.

4. If you enter more than 25 exhibits, the best 25 will be considered.

5. This class will be judged on quality not quantity.

6. All champions to be judged in one group from all entries.

7. Winners will receive ribbons in addition to prize money: $30, $20, $10.


Class 11: Champions

A.  Best Cock bird in Show $5.00   G. Best Pair Ducks in Show    $6.00

B. Best Hen in Show $5.00     H.  Best Pair Geese in Show   $8.00

C. Best Cockerel in Show $5.00   I.   Best Pair Turkeys in Show $8.00

D. Best Pullet in Show $5.00  J.  Best Buck Rabbit in Show $5.00

E. Best Old Trio in Show $7.00   K.  Best Doe & Litter in Show  $7.00

F. Best Young Trio in Show $7.00  L. Best Doe & Litter in Show    $7.00

G. Best Pair Ducks in Show    $6.00

H.  Best Pair Geese in Show   $8.00

I.   Best Pair Turkeys in Show $8.00

J.  Best Buck Rabbit in Show $5.00

K.  Best Doe & Litter in Show  $7.00

L. Best Doe & Litter in Show    $7.00

M. Best Meat Pen in Show  $7.00

1. All poultry under five months of age must have originated directly from flocks or hatcheries that have an official pullorum-typhoid clean rating. All New Hampshire poultry over five months of age must be tested by the New Hampshire Department of Agriculture within a year of the date of exhibition and be declared pullorum-typhoid clean. Each bird so exhibited must bear an official pullorum leg band. All water fowl are exempt from the pullorum-typhoid clean ring.

2. No animals will be accepted that show any signs of being diseased. Any diseased animal found in the building will be removed. The owner will be contacted to remove the diseased animal. If not removed the animal will be disposed of.

3. All prizes awarded according to merit. One of a kind entries will be grouped to give definite competitions. Decision of the judges will be final.

4. Please use the Livestock Entry Blank found on our website: Entries must be received by the Fair secretary by September 15th  of the current year so that cages can be pre-assigned and getting entries into the barn will go smoothly. If you have any questions please feel free to call or write the Chairman.

Class & Premiums

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