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Show Time is 9:00 AM.

Monday, October 14, 2024

RULES: Entries to be fitted & shown by 4-H member. See 4-H Livestock Department Rules and Guidelines for 4-H Animal Shows. Permanent Identification Required. All Swine must originate from a non-quarantined, Brucellosis and Pseudorabies free herd and be clinically free from all other infectious and communicable diseases. Open to New Hampshire 4-H members only.

Registration deadline - All 4-H Livestock must be entered online by September 15.

Sign up link coming soon!

4-H Swine Show

Premiums: Div. 171-174: Fitting & Showing : Grade A, $20.00; Grade B, $15.00; Grade C, $10.00.

Premiums Div. 175-181: Grade A, $15.00; Grade B, $11.00; Grade C, $9.00.


Div. 171 Fitting & Showing – Senior

Div. 172 Fitting & Showing - Intermediate

Div. 173 Fitting & Showing – Junior

Div. 174 Fitting & Showing – Novice

Breed Classes

Div. 175 Sow—over 12 months of age

Div. 176 Gilt – 4 to 8 months of age:

Div. 177 Gilt – 8 -12 months of age

Div. 178a Market Hog, gilt or barrow under 225-270 lbs. approx.

Div. 178b Market Hog, gilt or barrow over 270 lbs. approx.

Div. 179 Feeder pig - gilt or barrow under 225 tbs. approx.

Div. 180 Handling Class – 4-Her must drive their pig through a designated obstacle course. 4-Hers will enter ring individually.

Div. 181 Barn Management - Exhibitors will be judged during the fair on cleanliness of pens and pen area, cleanliness and appearance of pigs, contributions to appearance of general area, care of own animals, politeness and informative attitude toward public. Must be on Fairgrounds from Saturday AM to Monday PM.

Divisions & Premiums

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