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Located in the Vegetable Building


1. Entries: Accepted Thursday, Oct. 10 from 5-7 p.m. or Friday, Oct. 11, from 1-3 p.m. (Please note this is a change for 2024) in the annex to the Vegetable Building. Judging begins at 8:00 PM. Entries will not be accepted once judging begins.

2. We are not able to supply plates or containers for your entries. Please bring your own.

3. Submit 6 items packaged as your presentation. Please bring a separate item for the judge to sample for a total of 7 items. Cakes, breads, and pies are exceptions to this guideline!

4. We accept perishable items; however, please let us know if your item requires refrigeration.

5. All entries must be homemade; no packaged mixes or dough may be used.

6. Each baker may enter only one item percategory.

7. We cannot accept entries from commercial and professional bakers/bakeries. Thank you for understanding.

8. Ribbons and entries not being auctioned must be picked up on Monday from 5:00 - 6:00 p.m.. Please note: vehicles will not be allowed on the grounds Monday until 6:00 p.m. Also ribbons and prizes will not be mailed. Please plan accordingly.


The Auction will take place on Monday at 3:45 p.m. at the baked goods department. Please come support our bakers and all of their hard work! Baked goods will be auctioned with their plate/pan; so please plan accordingly as we do not supply plates or containers. Recipients of all auction proceeds will be local food pantries.

Baked Goods


(Unless otherwise noted)

ADULT ages 14 and over:    

1st: $10.00  2nd: $8.00 3rd: $6.00

YOUTH ages 13 and under: 

1st $8.00     2nd $6.00   3rd $4.00



1. King Arthur Flour Baking Competition: Adults and Teens (Sponsored by KAF)

*RULES for the King Arthur Baking Competition:

a. Exhibitor must bring the opened bag of King Arthur Flour or submit a UPC label from the flour bag when he/she submits the entry.

b. Contestant must follow the designated recipe exactly. For the Adult entry the recipe for

Cinnamon-Streusel Coffee Cake Recipe | King Arthur Baking

For the Youth entry the recipe for Apple Crumb Cake Recipe | King Arthur Baking must be used exactly as it appears on the link.

c. All entries must be submitted on a disposable container for judging.

d. Failure to follow the rules may result in disqualification.

Premiums for the King Arthur Baking Competition:

KA Adult Category

· 1st place: $75 gift certificate to the Baker’s Catalogue/

· 2nd place: $50 gift certificate to the Baker’s Catalogue/

· 3rd place: $25 gift certificate to the Baker’s Catalogue/

KA Junior/ Youth Category

· 1st place: $40 gift certificate to the Baker’s Catalogue/

· 2nd place: $25 gift certificate to the Baker’s Catalogue/

· 3rd place: King Arthur Tote Bag



2. Back to Basics: Yeast Bread & Rolls - Adult Only

3. Specially Decorated Cake (judged on appearance only): - Youth & Adult

4. Apple Pie (sponsored by Jonathan Beede House B&B) - Adult Only

5. Coffee Cakes & Buckles (yeasted and un-yeasted) - Youth & Adult

6. Homemade Candy - Adult Only

7. Scones (sponsored by The Dessert Table) - Adult Only

8. Bars, Squares, & Brownies - Adult Only

9. Cheesecake - Adult Only

10. Frosted Cupcakes - Youth & Adult

11. Cookies - Youth and Adult

12. Non-Apple Pies (Single and Double Crust) - Adult Only

13. Quick Breads - Adult Only

14. Muffins - Adult Only

15. Frosted Cake - Adult Only

16. Savory (think pizza, calzone, pastries, stuffed breads & rolls; use your imagination) Youth & Adult

17. Gluten-free - Youth & Adult


*These rules are specific to the King Arthur Baking Competition.

Premiums & Categories

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