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Located at the Hodge Exhibit Hall

Co-Chairs – Julie Deak


 Juli Hird


A growing number of small farms with fiber animals, as well as a renewed interest in working with natural fibers, inspired this department.  There are numerous individuals and groups who spin, felt, knit, crochet, and weave with natural fibers that want to exhibit and educate.

Visit our FLEECE to SHAWL exhibit and demonstration 10 to 3 Saturday thru Monday to learn how these fibers are transformed from fleece into yarn and then hand-woven into beautiful, colorful shawls - that you can win in a raffle to support 4H in Sandwich!



1. All items submitted for judging must be made predominantly of natural fibers.

2. Embroidered and needlepoint items, and any Items made with yarns made from man-made materials should be entered and judged in the Home Arts/Fine Arts Department.

3. Maximum of 10 entries may be submitted per exhibitor for judging.

4. Maximum of 10 entries may be submitted per exhibitor for exhibit only (not eligible for awards).

5. All entries submitted for judging must have been produced by the Exhibitor and completed between Oct. 6, 2023 and Oct. 11, 2024, and show no signs of wear. If items submitted for judging show significant signs of wear, they will be displayed only, but not judged. (Significant signs of wear include pilling, soiled spots, holes, etc.)

6. All entries will be judged on their own merit, and ribbons will be awarded using the Danish system: Blue ($8.00), Red ($6.00), White ($4.00), and Honorable Mention (no premium).

7. Entries should be unique in process and type of fiber. Entrants will receive the judging sheet(s) used to evaluate their item(s) when they pick up their items on Monday.

8. For added interest, exhibitors may include a 4x6 description card for each entry, which will not be displayed with the entry until judging is complete.

9. All entries must:

  •  Be received at the Hodge Building between Thursday, Oct. 10 from 5-7 p.m. or Friday,       Oct. 11, from 1-3 p.m. (Please note this is a change for 2024)

  •  Must stay on display until 5 p.m., Monday, Oct. 14th.

  •  Must be picked up between 5 - 6 p.m. Monday, Oct. 14th. Premiums will be forfeited if above requirements are not met.

Exhibitor Entry Forms (1 for each exhibitor) and Natural Fiber Arts Exhibit Identification Forms

(1 for each item entered) required for the Natural Fiber Arts Department are available from the department chairpersons or link is on this page.

Natural Fiber Arts Department Special Awards:

Overall Best in Show $50.00 Sponsor: Sandwich Home Industries

Best in Show Adult $10.00 Sponsor: SFA Natural Fiber Arts Department

Best in Show Junior $10.00 Sponsor: SFA Natural Fiber Arts Department

Best in Show Felted Entry $10.00 Sponsor: TBA

Best in Show 100% Wool Entry $10.00 Sponsor: Kindred Spirit Farm, Center Sandwich NH Best in Show Homespun Skein $10.00 Sponsor: Forrest Acres Farm, North Sandwich NH Best in Show Item Made from Yarn Homespun by the Entrant $10.00

Sponsor: Partridge Hill Farm, Center Sandwich

Natural Fiber Arts


I.  Item of Homespun Natural Fiber Yarn

II.  Item of Mill Spun Natural Fiber Yarn

III.  Item of Unspun Natural Fiber

IV.  Any combination of above ____(List)


A. Hat

B. Mittens/Gloves/Mitts

C. Sweater

D. Socks



G. Totes/Bags

H. Home Goods

I. Sculpture (3-D)

J. Jewelry

K. Wall Hanging

L. Mask

M. Vessel

N.Infant/Toddler/Child Clothes

O. Vest

P. Skein (Division I / Category 9 only)

Q. Other ________________________


CATEGORY (process)

1. Knitted (indicate if machine knit)

2. Crocheted

3. Woven

4. Repurposed/Up-cycled

5. Wet felted

6. Needle felted

7. Other process (Describe)

____________________________________8. Combination of any processes 1-7 (please list) ____________________________________

9. Homespun skeins, circle one:

a. Singles b. 2-ply c. 3-ply d. Other ply ___

Intended use: ___________________________

Fiber prepared for spinning by:

__ Exhibitor __ Mill

__ Picked __ Carded __Combed  __Blender board

Spun on:

__ Drop spindle __ Spinning wheel

Homespun skeins must be hand spun by exhibitor with a minimum amount of 2 oz. submitted (Exotic Class excepted).

Skeins must be wound into hank, washed to set twist & tied neatly in 4 places with matching ties.

CLASS   Specify fiber type

SW  100% Sheep Wool

WB  Wool Blend  ___________________

EX Exotic ________________________

PF Plant Fiber ____________________

OT Other ________________________




“Department/Division” column

Hat made of Homespun     I - A

Sock made of Mill Spun yarn    II - D

Afghan made of Homespun & Mill Spun IV - H

“Class/Category” column

Wool Blend Knitted WB - 1

Mohair Homespun Skein  EX - 9


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