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Located in the Hodge Exhibit Building 

Chair: Mallory Hathaway Cell: 646 515-1313

• Exhibitors must have an exhibitor number (either assigned to the individual or assigned to the school) which can be obtained by calling the Fair Office at 603-284-7062 or by email: a last resort, a number can also be assigned when you drop off your art. This will be your Sandwich Fair Exhibitor number forever (whether you are showing art or an alpaca!) Each exhibitor, whether entering through a school or as an individual, must fill out an Exhibit Hall Entry Form, available from the fair office or from our website at Each piece of art must have an identification card attached to it (provided by the Fair Office).

• Entries must be brought to the Hodge Building on Friday from 4 p.m. – 7:30 p.m. They must be picked up and checked out by a committee member between 5 p.m.– 6:00 p.m. on Monday. Vehicles will not be allowed on the grounds until 6 p.m. on Monday.

• We request that the Art Teacher curates any work originating from an assigned theme and submits only 3 entries from that chosen Theme.

• All art must be mounted for strength on cardboard or foam core and may be framed or unframed.

All art must have an appropriate hanger. Cord or wire is fine, but it must be strong enough to endure the entire weekend under varying conditions.

•  Due to space limitations the chairperson reserves the right to limit an exhibitor's total number of entries to 5. Previously entered art is subject to disqualification.

• Art will be judged on composition, technique, creativity, originality, and presentation.

•  All prizes are awarded at the discretion of the judge(s) and are final.


Categories & Premiums

Categories for 2024:

  1. Drawing 

  2. Painting    

  3. Digital Graphic Design

  4. Printmaking                

  5. Traditional Graphic Design

• There are three special awards:

The Lee Morton Prize is awarded to the student 18 years or younger whose work promises an artistic future emphasizing originality and creativity. Given in honor of Lee Morton, who loved the arts, especially music. He was a nationally renowned piano restorer and a well-respected painting judge for many years at the fair.

The Eric and Helen Ingles Memorial Prize is awarded to the artist whose work demonstrates the best technique, understanding of composition and use of medium.

The Judges Favorite!

Division 1: 19 & UP Premiums: 1st$6.00 2nd$5.00 3rd$4.00

Division 2: HS Grades 9-12 Premiums: 1st$5.00 2nd$4.00 3rd$3.00

Division 3: MS Grades 6-8 Premiums: 1st$4.00 2nd $3.00 3rd$2.00

Division 4: Elem. Grades 1-5 Premiums: 1st$3.00 2nd $2.00 3rd$1.00

Division 5: Pre School – K  Ribbons for All

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