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Show Time is 9:00 AM.- Sunday, October 13, 2024

RULES:  See 4-H Livestock Department Rules and Guidelines for 4-H animal shows in this publication.  All animals must be accompanied by a health certificate identifying each animal and indicating that they originate from a certified Brucellosis free herd or are negative to a blood test for Brucellosis within 30 days of the start of the first show of the season.

Only goat members owning or leasing animals, which they have cared for and handled prior to June 15 are eligible to exhibit.  All purebred animals must be registered in the 4-H member's name only or will need to have an approved lease from.

Registration deadline

All 4-H Livestock must be entered online by September 15.

Go to for a link to the online Entry forms.

4-H Goat Show

Divisions & Premiums


Div.  181-184: Fitting & Showing: Grade A, $20.00; Grade B, $15.00; Grade C, $10.00.

Premiums Div. 185-197: Grade A, $15.00; Grade B, $11.00; Grade C, $9.00.

Fitting & Showmanship

Div. 181 Senior Fitting & Showing

Div. 182 Intermediate Fitting & Showing

Div. 183 Junior Fitting & Showing

Div. 184 Novice Fitting & Showing

Individual Classes

Div. 185 Milkers under 2 years

Div. 186  Milkers 2 and under 3 years

Div. 187 Milkers 3 years and under 4

Div. 188  Milkers 4 years and under 5

Div. 189  Aged Milkers over 5 years

Senior Champion (Ribbon Only)

Div. 190 Doe Kids 4-6 months (as of October 1)

Div. 191  Doe Kids 6-9 months (as of October 1)

Div. 192  Doe Kids 9-12 months (as of October 1)

Div. 193  Dry yearlings—12 to 24 months

Junior Champion (Ribbon Only)

Group Classes

Div. 194 Dam and Daughter (two does owned by exhibitor and shown in previous classes)

Div. 195 Produce of Dam (2 animals, from same dam, owned by the exhibitor and shown in previous classes, do not have to be in milk)

Div. 196 Herd (3 animals of the same breed, shown in previous classes, any age, do not have to be in milk)

Div. 197  Barn Management - Exhibitors will be judged during the fair on cleanliness of pens and pen area, cleanliness and appearance of goats, contributions to appearance of general area, care of own animals, politeness and informative attitude toward public.

Div. 198  Best Sr. Doe in show (Ribbon Only)

Div. 199  Best Jr. Doe in show (Ribbon Only)

Div. 200  Best Udder – one entry per-member only (Ribbon Only)

Breeds:  Alpine, Guernsey, LaManchas, Nubian, Oberhasli, Saanen, Toggenburg, Recorded Grades, Nigerian Dwarf, all other Dairy Goats.

Note: Exhibitors who plan to show in the open goat show must enter in advance with the chairman of that department. See open goat show rules.

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