Commissioner of Agriculture’s Award for Agricultural Excellence

1. Award shall recognize exhibits which promote a better understanding of agriculture and rural life.

2. Award may be given to individuals, farms, businesses or organizations.

3. Award shall be given based upon assessment of the following:

a. Organization and neatness
b. Ability to convey clear information or message
c. Conformity to generally accepted practices such as animal cleanliness, proper preparation of produce, adherence to state or federal grade and quality standards, etc.
d. Clear identification of exhibitor – name and hometown
e. Integration with overall goals of the individual fair
f. Originality

4. Award shall not be given to an exhibitor more than once in three years.

5. Award shall be determined by judges appointed by the Commissioner of Agriculture Market & Food.

Shawn N. Jasper, Commissioner
NH Dept. of Agriculture, Market & Food