4-H Animal Fence Talk

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Sandwich Fair

4-H Animal Fence Talk
4-H Barn Area – Saturday, Oct. 7th and Sunday Oct. 8th
4-H animal fence talks represent a unique opportunity for 4-H’ers to hone communication skills while educating the public about their project animal. Participating 4H’ers bring their animals into the show ring, give a short talk about their project to small groups along the ring fence, and answer questions from the public. This is an interactive 4-H communication experience and 4-Hers will be judged on their ability to successfully interact with and engage the public using their animal as the subject. Successful presentations will receive premiums based on their presentation score.
The focus of the 4-H Animal Fence Talk is the 4-Her’s knowledge of some aspect of their animal. Therefore, it is important that the animal be present. While equipment such as tack, milking or grooming stands are allowed, visual aides are not required. If the 4-H’er feels that a poster would enhance their talk, they may bring one. The poster will be hung on the outside of the fence and not be part of the judging.
Small or large animals may be used, demonstrations are welcome, and the talk may focus on any relevant topic. For example, a dog-based exhibit may focus on basic training (sit, stay, etc.), animal care or canine sport (such as a short agility demo). A Fence Talk on goats focus on be on animal care, husbandry, milking demo, or fitting and showing an animal. The Animal Fence Talk should typically include only one animal, but some topics may call for more than one such as a team of oxen, flock of sheep, etc.
Each Fence Talk slot will last approximately 30 minutes in duration, but the actual talk may be only 10 minutes in length and be repeated to new audiences as the public filters in and out. Questions by the public can round out the time. 4-H Project Animal Fence Talks will take place in in various show rings. Youth will be assigned a time and place based on availability and show schedules.
Animals used for the fence talk, must be a 4-H Project animal and have appropriate paperwork (intent to show form, health forms, etc.) Animals not being shown in a 4-H show at the Fair, such as rabbits or chickens, can be used for the Animal Fence Talk, but must be cleared by the 4-H Program staff.
Premiums: Premiums will be based on how well the youth presents their animal, demonstrates knowledge and interacts with the audience.
Blue $25 Red $18 White $10