4-H Horse Entry

Click here for Entry Form 4-H at the Sandwich Fair – 2023 | New Hampshire 4-H (unh.edu)

Show Time is 9:00 AM, Monday, October 9, 2023
Pre-registration is required.
Registration deadline
All 4-H Livestock must be entered online by September 15.
Go to www.thesandwichfair.com for a link to the online entry forms.
No registrations will be accepted on the day of the show.

  • Show will be conducted under the rules for New Hampshire 4-H Horse Show.
  • Show will be judged on the Danish Judging System, with each exhibitor receiving a Blue, Red or White Ribbon in each
  • Trophies for Champion and Reserve Champion will be awarded in Senior English, Senior Western, Junior English, Junior
    Western, and Driving and In Hand.
  • The Sandwich Fair 4-H Horse Show Sportsmanship Award will be presented.
  • Competitors must enter the class in each group appropriate to their skill level. If a competitor must change class premiums
    will not be awarded.
  • Warm up will be allowed in main ring before each equitation class
  • If any rider needs special accommodations, please contact the Carroll County 4-H Office 447-3834.
    Premiums: Fitting & Showing: Grade A, $20.00; Grade B, $15.00; Grade C, $10.00.
    Division Premiums: Grade A, $15.00; Grade B, $11.00; Grade C, $9.00.
    Class List
    Fitting & Showing:
  1. Senior English, Western, Driving & In Hand
  2. Junior English, Western, Driving & In Hand
  3. Walk Trot
  4. Novice
  5. Senior English
  6. Senior Western
  7. Senior In Hand Suitability
  8. Junior English
  9. Junior Western
  10. Junior In Hand Suitability
  11. Walk Trot
  12. Driving Reinsmanship
  13. Novice In Hand Suitability
  14. Senior English
  15. Senior Western
  16. Junior English
  17. Junior Western
  18. Senior Driving
  19. Senior In Hand
  20. Junior Driving
  21. Junior In Hand
  22. Walk Trot
  23. Novice Driving
  24. Novice In Hand
    Lunch Break
  25. Senior English
  26. Senior Western
  27. Junior English
  28. Junior Western
  29. Walk Trot
  30. Novice
  31. Obstacle Driving
  32. In Hand
    Written Quiz:
  33. Senior
  34. Junior
  35. Novice