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Show Time: 9:00 AM  Monday, October 10, 2016

All rules under the 4-H Livestock Department shall apply unless otherwise noted here.  All rules, organizational or procedural decisions shall be at the discretion of the Superintendent and/or the 4-H County Educator.  All judging matters shall be at the discretion of the judge.

All working steer must be on the grounds by 7:00 AM Monday and remain on the grounds until dismissed by the Superintendent, but no earlier than 5 PM.  Teamsters with animals and papers must be in line at the Ox barn by 8:00 AM Monday.  Animals will be weighed and papers will be checked at this time.

The 4-H Code of Conduct shall be strictly adhered to and shall be observed by both Parents and Teamsters.  Any violation of any of the rules may result in disqualification and/or loss of premiums.

All entries are to be vaccinated for rabies.  Teamsters shall produce a veterinarian certificate of vaccination at least 30 days prior to the fair or be asked to leave the fair grounds.  Entries must be postmarked by September 15th, 2016 .

Premiums: Div. 157-159 Fitting & Showing: Grade A, $15.00; Grade B, $10.00; Grade C, $5.00.
Premiums: Div. 160-168: Grade A, $12.00; Grade B, $8.00; Grade C, $6.00.

    Div.(157-159) Fitting & Showing: Conditions and appearance of the team, equipment, teamster, teamster's knowledge about the project and teamster's ability, attitude and presentation of the project will be considered.
    Div. 157 - Senior Teamster- 14-18 years
    Div. 158 - Junior Teamster-  9-13 years
    Div. 159 - Novice Teamster- 8-13 years first year showing
    Div.(160-162) Obstacle Course - Two Wheel Cart: Each teamster must hitch their team to a two-wheel cart and negotiate an obstacle course demonstrating the ability of the teams to work and the teamsters' ability to drive their teams.  The specific course and time allotted to complete the course are at the discretion of the judge.
    Div. 160 – Senior Teamster
    Div. 161 – Junior Teamster
    Div. 162 – Novice Teamster.
    Div(163-165) Stone Boat Performance: Teams must pull a dead weight equal to approximately one half the weight of the  team and negotiate an obstacle course demonstrating the ability of the team to work and the teamster's ability to drive their teams. The specific course and time allotted to complete the course are at the discretion of the judge.
    Div. 163 - Senior Teamster
    Div. 164 - Junior Teamster
    Div. 167 - Novice Teamster
    Div.(166-168)  Best Trained:  Five minutes for the teamster and animals to do tricks.
    Div. 166 - Senior Teamster
    Div. 167 - Junior Teamster
    Div. 168 - Novice Teamster

    Trophies for: Overall Senior Teamster, Overall Junior Teamster and Overall Novice Teamster will be awarded to the teamster having the highest point total in Divisions 157-159 and 160-168.  Points will be accumulated based on: first place, blue, 13 pts.; 2nd place, blue, 12 pts.; 3rd place, blue, 11 pts., all other blue ribbons 10 pts.  All red ribbons, 8 pts.; all white ribbons, 6 pts.  Ties will be broken as follows

    1.     The teamster earning the highest number of first, second and third place blue ribbons in the subject divisions.
    2.      If still tied, the teamster earning the highest combined score in the Stone Boat Performance and Fitting & Showing.
    3.      If still tied, the teamster earning the highest score in the Obstacle Course - Two  Wheel Cart.
    4.      If still tied, the oldest teamster.

    The Keith Brownell Memorial Trophy will be awarded to the Best Overall Teamster.  The Judge will choose this teamster by evaluating the performance of the Overall Senior, Junior and Novice Teamster in a Best Trained Class as directed by the Judge.  This award will be a revolving trophy to be awarded to and be in the possession of the winning teamster for the year and returned to the fair the following year to be awarded to the next Best Overall Teamster.  The Teamster's name will be inscribed on the trophy and when full, will be retired to the Brownell Family.  This Trophy is donated by Barbara Brownell in memory of Keith Brownell.


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