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 Saturday, October 8, 2016                           Sunday, October 9, 2016
     Antique Tractor Pull                                    Farm Stock Tractor Pull
Stone Boat 9:00 AM                                        Transfer Sled  9:00 AM
 Scales open 7:00 AM                                        Scales open 7:00 AM

Co-Chair: Glenn Davis
 Co-Chair: Charlie Murphy

Kids over 16 invited. Parents must be present to sign a disclaimer form.


Weight Classes:
, not to exceed, with weight of operator included:
2600lb, 3000lb, 3500lb, 4000lb, 4500lb, 5000lb, 5500lb,
6500lb, 7500lb, 8500lb, 10,500lb,

Transfer Sled, not to exceed, with weight of operator included (in order of pull):
3000lb, 4000lb, 5000lb, KOH 4750lb, 6500lb, 8500lb, 10,500lb 
2600lb, 3500lb, 4500lb, 5500lb, KOH 6750lb, 7500lb, 12,500lb

King of the Hill requires a $10.00 hook fee; the purse is a 50/50 split of the hook fees of that class, plus a trophy

All pullers must register for their weight class before the pull. Registration forms can be found at “Download Forms” on this website. Operators of  all tractors are responsible for obtaining rules before the pull begins. Rules are available from  the Chairman, at the Fair Office or below:

1.   Violation of any rule may constitute a disqualification.
2.   Contest will be governed by three or more judges with all decisions final.
3.   Judges may stop and disqualify any operator not operating safely.
4.   Sled operator will be involved in judges’ decision.
5.   No crew coaching on track. (Except if a minor or rookie driver)
6.   Any protests against operators and/or equipment by another operator must fill out a grievance form  and will be dealt with in a timely manner by officials.
7.   Parade rides - Track packing not permitted. If operator does not like his/her position, he/she may reposition once as long as he/she has not hooked to sled.
8.   Any operator, owner or pit crew disrupting pull whether in pits or on the track, will be disqualified from the class in question and subsequent classes for the remainder of the event.
9.   The discretion of the judges and the pulling committee will prevail including: Safety, Operation, Equipment, Good Sportsmanship and Common Sense. Safety will be paramount, including spectators and judges as well as participants.
10.   Speed limit while pulling transfer sled will be as follows:
     2600-7500 lb: 3 MPH, 8000-12,500 lb: 5 MPH, KOH: 4 MPH

1.   Safe operation
at all times on the fairgrounds .
2.   Tractor must stop immediately upon signal from judge.
3.   Must be in neutral when hitching or unhitching and hands in sight of person hooking.
4.   No passengers.
5.   Hands must remain on controls at all times during pull

1.   Pulling order will be assigned at time of registration for weight class.
2.   At least two tractors per class or the class is void.
3.   Pulling on stone boat and/or transfer sled.
4.   After first puller of each class has pulled, judges may decide to add or remove weight and first tractor will pull again.
5.   All pulls start with tight hitch, no jerk pulls permitted.
6.   Puller allowed two attempts to achieve his/her best pull on stone boat, a decision to stop the transfer sled must be within twenty-five feet.
7.   Judges have the option of moving start line between classes.
8.   All tractor tires must remain within course boundaries, if the tires leave the boundaries the attempt is not valid and is disqualified.
9.  Tractors being repaired or readied for pull missing their turn will pull last, as long as tractor shows within a reasonable time.
10. Only two classes per tractor.

1.   Scales will be open two hours before event time on Saturday and Sunday.

1.   Written permission from a parent if operator is under 18.
2.   One operator per tractor per class.
3.   No alcoholic beverages on fairgrounds.
4.   Must remain in seat, be in full control and operate in a safe manner at all times.
5.   Will, with owners, assume full responsibility for negligence and or accidents.
6.   The Sandwich Fair is not responsible for loss of personal property.
7.   All drivers must sign a liability waiver before pulling.

1.   Any stock out of field antique farm tractors 1965 or older will be allowed to participate on both days.
2.   Tractors must have steel or rubber tire treads set in forward rotation. No cut or ground tires, no duels, studs or chains.
3.   Two wheel drive only.
4.   Gasoline, propane, diesel or kerosene only.
5.   Must be equipped with hood and grill in place if manufactured that way.
6.   Hitches must be 20" in, height, minimum of 18" from center of rear axle to hitching point.
7.   Equipped with a 3” opening, twisted or regular clevis allowed.
8.   No bypassing governors allowed.
9.   Exhaust pointing up must be 18" above the hood or factory system.
10. Must have working rear brakes.

1.   All weights must be securely mounted, any weight lost, anywhere in the fairgrounds, in pit area or hitched to sled or stone boat will be grounds for disqualification.
2.   All tractors shall be weighted with operator, all tractors must weigh out after pulling each class.

1.   No one judge will prevail. It takes a majority decision of three judges to regulate the event.  (All judges decisions are final).
2.   Anyone disrupting the event or feels they need to argue with the judges after a decision has been made will be escorted by fair security off the fairgrounds.

1.   The pulling committee will review all grievances.
2.   All decisions made by the pulling committee will be final.


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